All our MERCH is DIY (Do-It-Yourself)!


This design is based on a landmark billboard advertising the Marfa Mystery Lights that was once located on the side of a building in downtown Marfa, TX. The original has long since been painted over, but the style and spirit of the sign lives on.

Please click the image above to access a hi-res PDF which can be easily used as a template for a spray-paint stencil to make DIY t-shirts and posters.Or use it to place an order from the Sticker Guy.

STICKERS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! Get them at the Alpine Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings next to the Hotel Ritchie, and at the Galeria Sibley on Holland Ave.


pro land rights no pipeline

Click on the above image to download a 12" x 18" hi-res PDF that can be used to make yard signs, or reduced in size to make posters and fliers. Place your order locally from PrintCo in Alpine.



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